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The FIVE Biggest Pitfalls That Trap Homeowners

Who Are Trying for a Loan Modification ~ and How to Avoid Them!

1.05 Million American homeowners lost their homes in 2010.

1.2 Million ,an all-time record, are predicted to lose their homes in 2011.

6.7 Million Homeowners are currently in some sort of mortgage default.


YOU don’t need to be one of them!

What you do need is an expert on your side!! (Better yet, a GURU) and #1 bestselling author Anna Cuevas has the solution to your problem!



Save Your Home ~Without Losing Your Mind or Your Money was created for the millions of homeowners facing foreclosure who are in need of guidance and support navigating lender red-tape.
Learn how to

• STOP Foreclosure in its tracks

• SUCCEED with Anna’s award winning Loan Modification Mindset

• Ask the RIGHT questions to get the right ANSWERS

• Submit a Package for APPROVAL and SAVE your home

• FINALLY, get the restful night sleep you DESERVE

Save Your Home - Constantine obtains Wells Fargo Loan Modification

Constantine's children enjoying Christmas 2010 in their home!


Constantine was given an incorrect payment that would have cost him his home of many years had he not found a user friendly Loan Modification System custom made for situations just like his! Click here and listen to how he saved his home (and learn how you can too!)

Using templates, checklists, easy-to-understand language and a YES, You Can! approach, I bring over 25 years experience as a bank executive to your fingertips. I have already guided thousands of homeowners through the complicated maze of loan modification programs. Isn’t it your turn to take back control?

That’s right – CONTROL.

The housing market is flooded with frightened, bullied homeowners who walk away from memories, turn their back on their dreams and deny themselves home ownership. And almost all of those unfortunates have FIVE COMMON PITFALLS MISTAKES in common (and we bet they’re not what you’d think).

In fact, I am so concerned with these FIVE COMMON PITFALLS that I felt compelled to write Save Your Home ~Without Losing Your Mind or Your Money a step by step blueprint for reclaiming your dignity, protecting your family and saving your home!

Because I know how to. And I want to teach YOU what is possible!

But first, I want to make sure that you’re not confusing Simple with Easy. So let’s explain who this book will best serve:

  • Homeowners who have wrongfully been advised that foreclosure is their sole option
  • Homeowners in the middle of a catastrophic crisis who are willing to learn how to save their home, but don’t know where to start
  • Homeowners who have been denied a loan modification, and now regret not putting together a stronger package
  • Homeowners who appreciate that loan modification is a business and are prepared to conduct themselves as dignified, assertive, informed individuals who are ready to question authority and believe in miracles!

This is the “go to” book for loan modification. Anna brings over 25 years of experience in the mortgage industry coupled with her unmatched work on behalf of her clients faced with foreclosure and has put it all together in this comprehensive guide to loan modification. I have witnessed Anna as a true student of how to get results. This book is a must read for anyone looking into a loan modification.

Mark Potter, Attorney

As a former banking executive professional, I have seen situations go from bad to worse (to foreclosure) when frustration, rush jobs, hostility and hopelessness enter the equation. I know this is a challenging process – but anything worth having is worth fighting for!

I believe there are Good People who deserve an honest approach to home ownership; and that’s who I can help.

I know the pitfalls that derail potential loan modification recipients. My proven track record, expertise and experience not only keeps homeowners on track, it helps ensure that they keep what they deserve: their dignity, their memories, their home.

Buy SAVE YOUR HOME and Learn:

  • Informative strategies that take the guesswork out of the application process, decipher the legal jargon, and unveil insider secrets
  • How to take the complicated process of loam modification from confusing crisis to clear-cut solutions
  • Strategies and solutions for staying the course despite inevitable setbacks


Betty was on a crash course to losing her dream home until she discovered the  Loan Mod Guru and got the support and answers she needed! Click here to hear how Betty saved her home (and learn how you can too!)

By staying one step ahead of the banks, completing each individual requirement until a complete package is accumulated, and knowing how to address, answer and overcome common obstacles, YOU can Save Your Home ~Without Losing Your Mind or Your Money.


Let me provide you a blueprint for home ownership so

instead of wishing you Would know what to do…

instead of wishing you Could stay in your home…

instead of thinking you Should take action


You can take advantage of the OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE TO YOU with Loan Modification and finally unlock the key to your future…with the keys to your own home.


Buy Save Your Home ~Without Losing Your Mind or Your Money TODAY!



Order Your Copy Today

Low price of $24.95.

plus shipping and handling


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Strategies You Can Immediately Apply From Anna’s Book:

How To Work Directly with the Banks using a Proven Step-by-Step Process
Eliminate the Guess Work Out of Loan Modifications with a Detailed Plan of Action
Learn Insider Secrets and Unbiased Information to Protect You from Getting Ripped Off
Educate Yourself with this Pocket Advocate for the Distressed Homeowner
Fight Back if You are Denied using Successful Escalation Letters
Avoid Getting Inaccurately Declined with Access to the Financial Calculations Banks Use

About the Author


How Does an Award Winning Ex-Bank Executive Turn into
America’s Loan Modification Guru?
By Using Her Expertise to Empower Home Owners to Save Their Homes!

Anna Cuevas, #1 Bestselling Author, has become the symbol for self-empowerment and a guardian to thousands of fearful homeowners that are faced with the hardship and stigma of losing their home. As a former award winning bank executive, Anna is aware of the unsavory fear tactics and complicated jargon used by Big Banks to intimidate and harass homeowners – and she now used her insider know-how to take homeowners behind the velvet rope and reveal the truth about saving one’s home. Called a superhero of the loan modification industry, Anna takes clients from fearful victims to empowered self-advocates and celebrates with each that there is no greater accessory in the world than the keys to your own front door!

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